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Development Advisory

We specialize in providing clients with a thorough review and strategic planning for development projects. Our services not only identify inherent project value but also explore development opportunities to maximise the land's potential.

  • Land acquisition

  • Feasibility review 

  • Development strategy

  • Planning strategy

  • Town planning coordination

  • Finance structuring and procurement

  • Development budgeting

  • Development programming

  • Planning application and approvals management

  • Project strategy and planning

  • Scheduling and critical path management

  • Settlement risk management

  • Client representation

  • Risk management

  • Project scheduling

  • Appointment of leads consultants

  • Detailed Design management

  • Cost control

  • Value engineering – maximise profit

  • Quality management

  • Procurement strategies

  • Coordinating planning endorsements

  • Finance management

  • Valuations Coordination

Our Collection

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